Registration Division




ü  Acceptance of new students as study controls for the morning and evening


ü  Auditing and documentation of new students at the headquarters

of the ministry to study the morning and evening    


ü  Official answer books


ü  Issuing the identities of all students


ü  About all students enter the program in the electronic data base


ü  Ordering the postponement, repetition and punctuation constraint

alarm and warnings for students    


ü  Provide students with books and wrote a formal examination and

treatment to the health center at the university   


ü  Put a special file for each student that includes all the necessary

information about   


ü  The division of new students to the scientific departments

according to lists arranged by letters of the alphabet and controls   


ü  Promote transport coefficients and modify the nomination and hosting

to and from college    


ü  Provide graduate student support document or graduate study for the morning and evening   


ü  Put all the books that belong to the student in Public and private files

update this continuity   


ü  User tidy version to the Directorate of Education in the province for the

fourth stage students for the purpose of the application   


ü  Tab books and arrange incoming and outgoing to the department and collected in separate records   


ü  Circulars some books that belong to other sections and the announcement

of some of the books in the bulletin board.            



v  staff of Registration Division


Director of the Division Registration

  1. Haidar Faeeq Mahdi
  1. Ali Razak Raham
  1. Raead Mahmouad Mnaty
  1. Hassan Fasil Dely
  1. Amer Shahid kadoum